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2 reviews for PeerBlock, 4.0 stars: 'I have seen a number of reviews on this site over the past few months on various sites. The reviews seemed to be positive so I continued and installed PeerBlock. It does exactly what it says. Even though initially this was used to stop the Government eyes from preying on you when downloading torrents, it now can be used to prevent hackers and stop malicious Is Peerblock Still Good? - YouTube Dec 14, 2017 Download PeerBlock Free for Windows - FileSoul.com PeerBlock is a software utility that creates a safety net for blocking access to viruses preventing the lose of data from the hard disk. PeerBlock is an appropriate solution for protecting the computer against all the threats that may appear from the Internet.

Jan 25, 2008 · So is PeerBlock able to keep these anti p2p companies from searching through your files to see if you have the files and there by prosecute you? I am not worried about receiving the notice, they serve as just a deterrence from you using a p2p network again, and since I was downloading, they don't really care as much because one download is

BeeThink IP Blocker. Well, if you are searching for a simple, lightweight and easy to use alternative … 4 Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try | TechWiser BeeThink IP Blocker. BeeThink IP Blocker is a very simple, minimal, and lightweight application that …

PeerBlock is a tool that allows you to block certain IP addresses from accessing your computer, thus preventing them from spying on you or finding out what you're downloading. You can use it to block not only individual computers but also entire countries.

As the name suggests PeerBlock, is an app that prevents unsecured locations from accessing your computer, in order to protect your sensitive data.It can be easily figured out. Upon initialization Peter Block - Wikipedia Peter Block (born 1939) is an American author, consultant, and speaker in the areas of organization development, community building, and civic engagement.. He was born to Jewish parents, Ira and Dorothy Block. He currently resides with his wife, Cathy Kramer, in Cincinnati, Ohio. PeerBlock (Google Code) - Google Developers Search Google; About Google; Privacy; Terms Download PeerBlock latest release